The Blocked Basin Waste

March 2021

Clearing a blocked drain sounds simple, undo the trap pull it apart, clean it out, put it back together and yippee it is done, success didn’t I do well…

Wait, it leaks, uhm, ok I need to pull it apart again, It still is not draining so well…how frustrating what could it be?

Here are some ideas to help you:

Firstly, try a plunger it usually works 1st time. If it does not work, clean out the cupboard so you have a clear working area and put a bucket under the trap.

Unscrew the fittings, make sure you remove them carefully as you need to put them back together the same way. Clear out the debris, hair, cotton wool buds, etc.

Reinstall the trap, making sure the washers sit true and the thread is inline when you screw it back together.

Leaving the bucket in place, put the plug in, fill the sink up with water.

Release the plug, this should allow the water to flow freely and also test your connections.

If no leaks, job well done!

If leaking, remove the trap and start again.

If you still have a blockage, call a plumber as there is something serious further down the line…