DIY Disasters

February 2021

Think you can do it yourself, install that shelf to find there is a mighty crash in the night, buy the B&Q kitchen or bathroom that your father helps you install,

Yep, we have all been there, we need to work to a budget, but the reality is not so simple.

Lets break it down into the positives and negatives,


The positives:

I save money

I can do it in my weekends, a project to give you satisfaction (really….)

A bonding exercise (hmmm.)


The negatives:

I cannot do electrics, I might cause a fire, worse get an electric shock

I cannot stop the leak from this pipe, not so good if its on the upper floor

I’ve got to go to the hardware for the 5th time today aghhh

This is never going to get finished, too much football on

Dad is great but we really should not work together

The partner is really getting the hump, cooking out of a microwave or washing from a sink really is not fun week on week,

Not to mention the space all this is taking up


The endless negatives out way the positives, the lack of free weekends and bonding exercise soon gives way to utter frustration, and is it really saving you money… the half-finished kitchen with this bit and that still missing…

Think hard before you undertake the DIY task, the theory is great, the reality is not.

Call the professionals…