Colours & Mood

April 2021

Colours and your home.. the right colour can make your house a home, small changes to colour on walls, fabrics, furniture can alter your mood.

What colour makes you happy… puts you in that special place?

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking..

Red:  a powerful  strong colour. Can appear up close and personal, and shrink a room but grabs attention, known to be very stimulating and it provides a feeling of warmth, but to be avoided in rooms dedicated to healing, meditation or rest.

Green:  emotionally calming, refreshing, with a touch of harmony and equilibrium. It symbolizes universal love, environmental awareness, and peace

Pink: hues of red and white, this is a soothing choice and fits well in a nursery, kids’ playroom or bedroom, a good colour for the over stimulated

Black: deep and dark, rarely used in the main, it can make the room feel cold, small and claustrophobic. Used in small doses such as on an accent wall it can provide a feeling of sophistication, class, confidence, drama, bring out your interesting side..

IT’S SPRING!!, new life, new beginnings, fresh start, spruce up your house encourage new feelings with the aid of colour!